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Johan Lyckberg

Sales representative

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Lars Olsson

Vice President & Head Sales Nordic

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Hans-Inge Pettersson

Sales Manager, Expandable rock bolts

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Catherine Råket

Customer Care

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Rainer Wiegand

Sales Director

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SSAB Domex Tube Double Grade

Hollow sections especially designed for steel construction

SSAB Domex Tube Double Grade is structural hollow section.

It meets or exceeds the requirements of standard EN 10219 and includes two separate modern steel grades: S355J2H and S420MH. The choice of grade depends on the customer's or designer's application and requirements.

When your main goal is excellent usability or simplicity of design, grade S355 presents the best choice. If you are looking for considerable weight reduction and longer spans, consider selecting grade S420MH.

Welding and other workshop instructions and regulations like welding procedure test (ISO 15614-1), material classification (ISO 15608), welding qualification (EN 287-1; ISO 9606-1) and EN 1090 certification procedure must follow the appropriate steel grade S355 or S420 selected.

Welding in corner areas is always permitted when using SSAB steels.

Dimension Range

SSAB Domex Tube Double Grade is available at circular, square and rectangular shapes. 

Circular 26.9 - 323.9 mm 
Square 25x25 - 300x300 mm 
Rectangular 40x20 - 400x200 mm 
Wall thickness 2.0 - 12.50 mm
Mill length 6000 - 12 000/18 000 mm

Other shapes and sizes are available upon request.

Tillgängliga standarder

EN 10219-1

EN 10219-2

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