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6 feb
SSABs Stålpåledag i Helsingfors drog rekordmånga deltagare
Det årliga evenemanget SSABs Stålpåledag ägde rum 23 januari 2020 i Helsingfors, där cirka 370 grundläggningssexperter med entreprenörer, konstruktörer, maskintillverkare, beställare- och myndighetsrepresentanter och studenter träffades. Dagens presentationer handlade om SSAB:s pålningsprodukter och hur de används i olika infrastrukturprojekt. Liksom tidigare år innehöll programmet presentationer om praktikfall som kunder och konstruktörer varit inblandade i.
28 jan
SSAB's Steel Pile Day 2019 for foundation construction experts in Helsinki
An annual event, SSAB’s Steel Pile Day was held on January 17, 2019 in Helsinki, where some 350 contractors, designers, equipment manufacturers and representatives from the authorities met up to hear about the use of SSAB’s products in infrastructure construction and to discuss topical subjects in foundation construction.
25 jan
Foundation Construction Experts at SSAB’s Steel Pile Day in Helsinki
The annual SSAB Steel Pile Day, held on January 18, 2018 in Helsinki, brought together about 350 contractors, designers, equipment manufacturers and representatives of authorities to find out more about SSAB’s products, infrastructure development, customer references and industrial outlook.
23 sep
Environmental product declaration for SSAB’s tubular products is now registered in EPD-Norway’s program
SSAB's EPD for piles, structural hollow sections, precision tubes, line pipes and steel sections are now published in the EPD-Norway, Norwegian EPD program for products (EPD = Environmental Product Declaration). An EPD gives information about a product’s environmental issues and environmental impacts.
26 feb
RRs220/10 – A new member to the strong RRs pile family
New RRs220/10 pile size widens SSAB’s high-strength steel RRs pile selection. The use of high-strength steel piles has been growing and this new size answers to those needs.
26 feb
SSAB’s Steel Pile Day brought foundation construction professionals to Helsinki, Finland
The 9th Steel Pile Day has been established as an event in which professionals in the field in Finland gather annually. On 21 January 2016, there were again over 300 participants, a third of which were design engineers, a third were contractors and the rest were e.g. authorities and students.
26 feb
Mechanical splices available to even larger RD pile sizes
SSAB offers now threaded mechanical splice also for RD270/12.5 pile size. Mechanical splicing reduces the need for welding on site. The quality of the splicing will be good in all weather conditions.
26 feb
SSAB’s RDc casing tubes save up to 90% installation time
SSAB ‘s RDc casing tubes are intended for various casing tube applications installed by drilling and where a reliable and, above all, cost-effective splicing technique is required. Use of a threaded splice can save up to 90% of time at the installation stage compared to a traditional welded splice. Each splice takes around just 1-2 minutes.
26 feb
New PileWallCalc design tool has been launched
Calculation of cross section properties and bending resistances of the pile walls is easy with SSAB’s new PileWallCalc design tool. The program calculates the bending resistances and normal force resistances of RD pile wall, Combi wall and Zig-Zag Combi wall.