Uppfylla kraven på karosskonstruktion för batteribilar med avancerat höghållfast stål

Tillgängligt On-demand 45 Min

Webbinarium om hur man uppfyller kraven på karosskonstruktion för batteribilar med avancerat höghållfast stål

Batterierna är stora, tunga och känsliga – och kräver innovativa karosskonstruktioner för att skydda dem mot stötar. Dessutom ställer elbilarnas omedelbara vridmoment och snabba acceleration höga krav på fordonets styvhet. Hur kan bilkonstruktörer hantera dessa utmaningar?

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May 4, 15.00–15.45 CET. Register to join us live or watch it on demand.

  • Safety Approaches – A review of design approaches for protecting EV battery packs from impact and subsequent thermal propagation.
  • Driving Range – Why lightweighting is more important than ever for efficient energy use.
  • Cost Comparisons – Lightweighting car materials: their costs, their embedded emissions, and ways to reduce materials.
  • Increased Sustainability Demands – Post COVID-19, buyers are keen on both sustainable car materials and car manufacturing when BEV shopping.
  • “Green” Steels Compared – Carbon capture vs. stepwise hydrogen vs. scrap-based vs. fossil-free steels: the LCA differences are profound.

Jonas Adolfsson

Business Development Project Mobility Docol, SSAB

With vast experience in body-in-white and structural designs, Jonas has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of mobility designers and forming engineers at OEMs and Tier 1s.